Tollywood Hero Tarun is Getting Married Soon .. who is the girl ..?
Tollywood Hero Tarun is Getting Married Soon .. who is the girl ..?

Tarun Kumar was once upon a time the word Lover Boy in the Telugu industry. Tarun shot arrows in the hearts of the Telugu audience saying that they want you at the beginning of the millennium. Most importantly the girls however dreamed of this young hero.


Even after that, films like priyamaina neeku, Nuvve Nuvve, Nuvvuleka Nenulenu brought Tarun closer to the audience. Only then did his career slip.


Tarun disappeared with a series of defeats. With the advent of stardom in 25 years, he fell into a complete career dilemma. New heroes coming. As the competition increased, Tarun silently gave the side.


He is currently doing business comfortably. Meanwhile, the issue of Tarun’s marriage came to the fore once again. It is rumored that he will be getting married soon.


Tarun’s mother Roja Ramani has been looking for a good relationship with him for many days. News is coming in that the girl has been found for years. Among those she knows. Their mother has decided to give a friend’s daughter to Tarun and get married.


Full clarity on this is coming soon. Tarun is already 37 years old. They are in a hurry to get married at home. All in all, like most heroes in 2020, Tarun is going to tell the good news soon.