Raja Vikramarka Movie Review

Raja Vikramarka Movie Review

Kartikeya Gummakonda and Tanya Ravichandran starring Raja Vikramarka all set to release today. Raja Vikramarka Movie Review rating out now.

 Rating: 2.25/5
Cast – Kartikeya, Tanya, Tanikella Bharani
Director – Sri Saripalli
Producer – Rama Reddy
Banner – Sree Chitra Movie Makers
Music – Prasanth

RX100 fame Karthikeyan Raja Vikramarka pushed the audience with his film. The film premiered on November 12. Sri Saripalli is making his directorial debut with this action thriller with Fun Elements.

The officer leading the National Investigation Agency (NIA) team (Tanikella Bharani) Vikram (Gummakonda Karthikeya) is a team member. The Home Minister works as an undercover security officer at home. In the process, the Home Minister’s daughter falls in love with Kanti (Tanya).

The order is to attack terrorists who want to create havoc in Hyderabad. What all Vikram does to save the VIP forms the story.

Raja Vikramarka Movie Review

Positive Points:
Karthikeyan Raja Vikrama, who is struggling with a series of flops, has done one hundred percent justice to his role in the film. His body language and mannerisms are very good. Only Karthikeyan’s performance in this thriller movie looks a bit positive.

Tanya Ravichandran as Home Minister’s daughter is alright. Her role is just like any other big shot’s beautiful daughter’s in most movies, who like to live a simple life and love a form of art. Tanikella Bharani and Sudhakar did justice to the roles of the film. The rest of the characters come and go like this.

Negative Points:
Sri Saripalli made his directorial debut with Raja Vikrammarka. He failed to screen the film as intended. The plot was confusing, he wanted to blow up the logic and run the screenplay with twists.

In many of the scenes, the intelligence and the police bandobast do not match the result where the villain gets an upper hand even though his planning is weak and he doesn’t act like a serious baddie.

Raja Vikramarka Movie Review

The kidnapping track, the hero-heroine track and the Karthikeyan-Sudhakar track are messy. The cinematography along with the background score is good. Production values ​​are good. The technical aspects along with the narrative are minimal.

Raja Vikramarka is an action thriller without logic. There are no gripping elements to hook audiences to screen. The narrative is pretty cliched and many a time, the audience might wait to see a different approach from the director but only to get disappointed with the same old treatment. Raja Vikramarka is just another drama film.


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