Thalapathy Vijay Accepted Mahesh Babu Rejected Script..?

Thalapathy Vijay Accepted Mahesh Babu Rejected Script

It is known that Vamsi Paidipally is making a movie with Kollywood star hero Vijay (Thalapathy64). The movie announcement came recently. Vijay is currently busy shooting for ‘Beast’. It has been reported that Vijay has demanded a remuneration of Rs 100 crore for the film.

Producer Dil Raju is ready to pay that amount. The story is also locked. Pre-production is currently underway. But here’s the thing .. Vijay should have done the story that Mahesh rejected. In fact, Mahesh Babu and Vamsi Paidipally wanted to do another film together after ‘Maharshi’.

With this, Vamsi wrote a story and narrated to Mahesh. Mahesh did not like the story as it was a bit close to ‘Srimanthudu’ and ‘Maharshi’ movies. With this, Vamsi Paidipally made a lot of efforts to avoid that flavor. But Avey did not workout.

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Thalapathy Vijay Accepted Mahesh Babu Rejected Script

Mahesh went on the sets of ‘Sarkaru Vaari Paata’ movie as he could not read the Vamsi story at the said time. Vamsi Paidipally told Vijay the same story. For Mahesh, it may seem like an already done genre, but for Vijay, the story seems new and the film is okay without saying a single correction. So the story of one star hero being rejected went to another star hero.


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