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Thaman out of SSMB28 Movie ? deets inside.

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The highly anticipated film of Mahesh Babu and trivikram next SSMB28, has been plagued with negative rumors since its inception. Gossips and inside information about script changes and removal of shot footage have been continuously circulating. To add to the chaos, it was reported that Mahesh was unhappy with the working style of the music director Thaman and wanted to replace him. Now, the latest reports suggest that this news is almost certainly true.

There are several reasons being cited for the removal of Thaman from the movie. Despite several months passing since the start of shooting, Thaman has not yet finalized even one song for the film. The team had initially planned to start the shooting with a song, but Thaman failed to impress both Mahesh Babu and Trivikram with his output.

Mahesh Babu was extremely dissatisfied with Thaman’s work on this film due to the significant delay in the work. Although Trivikram had initially backed Thaman, he is now reportedly frustrated with his work, and plans are in motion to replace him as the music director of SSMB28.

Several options are being considered, including the young music director G.V Prakash. While fans of Superstar Mahesh are clamoring for Anirudh, he is currently busy with other projects. As of now, the glimpse of SSMB28, which is planned for release on May 31st, will feature Thaman’s score. However, after that, Thaman is said to be out of the project.

Thaman out of Mahesh Babu SSMB28 Movie

It remains to be seen whether Mahesh and Trivikram will make this significant decision. One thing is for sure, though – the stakes are high, and the pressure is on to deliver a blockbuster hit. Stay tuned for further updates on this exciting project!

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