The Only Bowler Who Can Trouble Andre Russell : Gautam Gambhir
The Only Bowler Who Can Trouble Andre Russell : Gautam Gambhir

Former India cricketer Gautam Gambhir has said that Bumrah was the only one to stop Kolkata’s destructive batsman Andre Russell. Speaking on the Star Sports Cricket‌ Connected show, Gambhir revealed many things. “There maybe two or three other bowlers along with Bumrah to tie Andre Russell with bowling this season, but so far Jaspreet Bumrala has troubled Russell.


I did not see the bowlers. Russell could come to Top order in the IPL 2019 season. The KKR franchise discussed the matter. There is no need to send Russell before the fifth and sixth positions. Morgan, formerly of Super Farm,


Gambhir, the team’s former captain, advised KKR owners to think about how to use Russell’s services. If the players are in good form they will not have to work with quality, sharp bowling. In fact, Andre Russell is a confident player. No bowler is useless in front of Russell if he wants to continue to thrive. Ian on the form with him
Morgan does not know how to use team management. They are both players on the national team, as well as left and right combinations. This is a positive factor for the Kolkata team, “said Gambhir


We have seen him win the Kolkata Losing matches with a single hand in the 2019 season with his hitting. KKR is confident that he will be able to maintain the same form even now. He thinks it would be good to change his batting position.