There is no wrong on it : Shruti Haasan Comments

Shruti Haasan talks about her drinking habits and has become a hot topic . She said that had a habit of drinking and that She had stopped having ill health. The netizens tagged the drunken drummer. However, She did not say She was an alcoholic and her words were misunderstood by fans. Shruti recently took part in the ‘Feat Up with the Stars’ show hosted by popular actress Manchu Lakshmi. She shared many things about her love life and movies.

‘Whiskey to me is insane. But the drunken kinda broke. This is a new change that has come to me. I became ill because of drinking. But I have never told anyone about this. Because that’s my personal thing. That’s why I thought I shouldn’t tell anyone about my illness. After that, I took the treatment. However, Shruti is worried that her words are not well understood by the public and says that she is a drunkard. Before he was mistaken about himself, she had made his words known to the English media.

‘In the chat show I said I was no longer a drinker. But everyone misunderstood my words. Drinking is very common nowadays. What’s wrong with that? But I don’t drink anymore. I am not at all guilty of drinking. But drinkers do not disclose that. I don’t know why you would do that. It does not even answer the question asked at any time in life. Worse still is the lack of drinking habits in 2019. I don’t understand why I misunderstood when I bravely said that I never wanted to drink again. ‘