There Sye Raa Ticket Prices Beyond Saaho in US.. !!

Chiranjeevi, Sye Raa Movie, Ram charan, Latest Movie News
Chiranjeevi, Sye Raa Movie, Ram charan, Latest Movie News

Prabhas starrer film Saaho is the next blockbuster movie like Baahubali. Sujeeth is a huge action entertainer, spy thriller movie saaho with a huge budget. On August 30, Prabhas Saho was released on a massive scale. The film, which had many expectations, was flopped at the box office. Huge collections are expected to come through the premiere in the US. But, fewer collections were made by Premier. The reason is the rise in ticket prices. The US audience was not interested in the Saaho ticket price being $ 25. This has reduced the film’s premiere collections.

Produced by Ram Charan under the banner of Konidella Production, the film will be released on October 2. Sye Raa has been releasing one month after Saaho. Expectations on the film are huge. There are expectations that the megastar will be making such a story for the first time. However, ticket prices for the movie have already been decided in the US. Ticket prices are set at $ 28 at the IMAX and $ 25 at regular theaters. The ticket prices are huge and the film is a must see, we need to wait and see US audience interest..



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