This is the reason Telugu OTT is facing its WORST PHASE even in lockdown

The film watched many times during the lockdown is this!

OTT’ is the word that we are hearing more after the lockdown is announced. In the case of TV, you have to watch the movie what they telecast. But the OTTs are not so. Movies will be on the menu. You can select what you want from web series to the latest releases. You can watch your favorite films whenever you want and how many times you want. This is the main advantage of the OTTs.

The availability of films in many languages has also made it more accessible to audiences. People attracted to OTT’s because they can watch films either on phone or on laptops. There is no need for TV.

Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Disney + Hot Star, Sun Next are the most popular OTTs. All except Sun Next are international companies. Our Telugu people do not watch the local OTTs. There are two reasons for this… one is the lack of content and the second is due to the technical issues. These are the reasons why Telugu OTT’s are facing its WORST PHASE even in lockdown