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Tiger 3 Movie Review

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Tiger 3 Story: Tiger, a RAW agent played by Salman Khan, and his wife Zoya, who works for ISI (played by Katrina Kaif), join forces to thwart the terrorist plot orchestrated by Aatish, played by Emraan Hashmi. Their mission is to expose Aatish to the Pakistani government, protecting them from a greater imminent danger. This is the essence of ‘Tiger 3.

Tiger 3 Movie Review & Rating

Tiger 3 Rating2.25/5
Cast Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif and Emraan Hashmi
DirectorManeesh Sharma
MusicPritam Chakraborty, Julius Packiam, Awlad Hossen Eshan
ProducerYash Raj Films – Aditya Chopra
Budget300 crores

Positive Points: Tiger and Pathaan Action Episode – Story – Parts of Action and Dialogues Negative Points: Ordinary Action Episodes – Lack of Intensity – No Twists or Thrills – Dull Screenplay

Tiger 3 Telugu Review

Performances: “Salman Khan, playing Tiger, does well in the action-packed role, but it doesn’t add to his list of memorable characters. The script doesn’t offer much depth beyond the typical RAW agent role, leaving no standout moments for him as an actor. Even in terms of style, there’s not much to talk about. Katrina Kaif, as Zoya, an ISI agent, has a significant role, but her character lacks impact.

The promoted towel fight scene is decent, but there’s not much else noteworthy about her performance. Shah Rukh Khan’s special cameo in ‘Pathaan’ lasts a good 15-20 minutes and provides an enjoyable, over-the-top, grand-scale experience. Despite being fun, it doesn’t contribute much to the overall depth of the film.

Verdict: Maneesh Sharma, known for directing films like ‘Band Baaja Baaraat’ and SRK’s ‘Fan,’ ventures into the world of big-scale action with his latest film, ‘Tiger 3.’ The interval block is decent, making the first half tolerable, with expectations of a more exciting and impactful second half.

The second half kicks off with a brief episode featuring Revathi, but her character appears underdeveloped. Simran takes on a pivotal role thereafter, yet the way her character is written feels quite conventional.

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The director incorporates a well-choreographed song before the exit, offering some relief, followed by Hrithik’s cameo, which unfortunately falls into the ordinary category. However, it’s a pleasant sight as we prepare to leave.

In summary, ‘Tiger 3’ follows the typical spy movie formula, which is not inherently problematic. Nevertheless, the film lacks genuine high points in action thrills and visual appeal. It emerges as the weakest entry in the YRF Spy Universe, and viewers may find it suitable for a casual watch with modest expectations, particularly during this festive season

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