Tollywood natural star Nani reacts on nepotism in Tollywood

Tollywood natural star Nani reacted on the nepotism in Tollywood and asserted that there exists no nepotism in the Telugu film industry. Speaking to the interview, V actor Nani said that a healthy and friendly atmosphere is there in Tollywood and everyone behaves friendly with each other.

“I don’t know about Bollywood but there is no such thing as big in our Tollywood,” Nani said. He said that he has been cooperating since the beginning of his career, as well as commenting on social media about his films and greeting me whenever I meet him at a function anywhere. He said that among the big heroes of the time , star kids like Mahesh Babu , Tarak and Rana greeted him warmly and also shared their views on his films. They used to appreciate his acting in movies through social media and a friendly environment is there in the Telugu industry.