Balakrishna Ruler Movie US Premiere Live Show Updates, Review

Balakrishna Ruler Movie US Premiere Live Show Updates
Balakrishna Ruler Movie US Premiere Live Show Updates

Nandamuri Balakrishna’s Ruler Movie USA Review and rating ..on 20th Dec..Keep watching the space for the complete review..

మూవీ రివ్యూ : “రూలర్” రొటీన్ ఊర మాస్ రూలర్‌

07:55AM: another messive fight over top of train.. Bhumika tries to escape in train. MOVIE ENDS.. 

07:50AM: Prakash Raj gets murdered by Bhavaninath and while saving Bhumika and chaild.

07:45AM: Bhavaninath tries to kill Bhumika as she is carrying a baby in her womb and that child will be from lower caste.

07:37AM: The fight is over, Dharma gives warning to Prakash Raj’s brother.. Bhavaninath comes to know that Bhumika and Dharma are alive. The movie moving towards climax.

07:32AM: Dharma enters the scene and a mass fight is ON. Dharma saving Bhumika again and again is getting monotonous.

The second half is moving at a better pace when compared to first half as of now.

07:26AM: Yala Yala song between Balayya and Vedhika. Graceful dance by Balayya is good and so is the song.

07:22AM: Bhavani kills Bhumika’s husband and Prakash Raj escapes with her daughter from reception. His goons are after them.

07:17AM: Bhumika Chawla makes her entry into the film. as Prakash Raj’s daughter who has an inter-caste marriage.

07:10AM: Sankranthi song starts now. Decent song with good lyrical value. Balayya is so energetic in this song.

07:00AM: Vedhika is Nagineedu’s friend’s daughter. Jhansi is introduced as the servant. Some comedy scenes are on between Balayya and Vedika now.

06:55AM: The second half starts with the flashback! Dharma enters when the villain tries to threaten his father played by Nagineedu. Second Fight is ON!

06:50AM: Balayya is recognized by some farmers and Vedhika who call him Dharma. Who is Dharma? INTERVAL

06:45AM: Time for first fight of the film. Balayya single-handedly demolishing the opposition. Fans might like it. Conflict arises between Balakrishna and Bhavani nath for a project.

06:40AM: Vedhika fighting against atrocities done towards farmers by the main villain Bhavani Nath. Some farmers and Vedika recognizes Balayya now. Movie is turning interesting.

06:35AM: Jayasudha fixes Balayya’s marriage with Sonal Chauhan.

06:30AM: The Bangkok episode ends with Balayya Babu sacrificing the project for Sonal Chauhan. Now the movie shifts back to Hyderabad. Time for main heroine Vedika entry..

06:20AM: Time for the Padthaadu Thaadu song. Balayya’s dance looks very funny but entertaining. Sonal Chauhan’s glamor feast will be enjoyed by the masses.

06:05AM: Sonal Chauhan makes her entry into the film. She is the CEO of rival software company

06:00AM: Balakrishna(Arjun Prasad name given by Jayasudha) and Sonal Chauhan who is the owner of rival software company go to Bangkok for a conference. Jayasudha declares Balayya as the CEO of her software firm. Time for Action Hero song. OTT Balayya’s antics will be loved by his fans.

05:50AM: Jayasudha saves Balayya.. She takes him to the hospital and Balayya has lost all his memory.

05:45AM: Balakrishna is introduced as a severely injured person, Jayasudha takes him to hospital.

05:40AM: Prakash Raj makes his entry into the movie. He is a minister in Jhansi. He calls farmers from Andhra and give them lands in Jhansi.


Movie Name: Ruler Telugu Movie
Rating: US Premiere Live Updates
Release date : December 20, 2019
Starring : Balakrishna, Sonal Chauhan, Vedhika, Bhumika Chawla..
Director : KS Ravi Kumar
Producers : C. Kalyan

Nandamuri Balakrishna, who disappointed with NTR biopic in the first half of this year is ready with yet another film, Titled, Ruler. Touted as an action entertainer, Ruler is directed by KS Ravikumar. It is well-known that earlier the duo had delivered a decent hit like Jai Simha.

Coming to Ruler, the film promos and posters promise a high voltage action and family drama. Balayya’s slim look and his makeover in Tony Stark’s beard getup has been getting positive feedback from the audience. Audio by Chirrantan Bhatt also offers two massy numbers and a soothing melody which should help the film is drawing the crowds. Vedhika, Sonal Chauhan are the female leads in Ruler. Bhumika and Prakash Raj are said to be seen in prominent roles.

But the main problem is that Ruler is carrying a very low buzz among the trade circles and its pre-business was also closed for less than 25 crores. Amidst the low key buzz, will NBK surprise by delivering a knockout punch with Ruler? Is to be seen.



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