Valmiki Review, Gaddhala konda Ganesh Movie Review, Varun Tej, Latest Movie Review
Valmiki Review, Gaddhala konda Ganesh Movie Review, Varun Tej, Latest Movie Review

Movie Name – Valmiki / Gaddhala konda Ganesh Movie Review
Rating: 3 / 5
Main Leads – Varun Tej, Pooja Hedge, Atharvaa
Music – Mickey J Meyer
Direction – Harish Shankar
Editor – Chota K Prasad
Cinematography – Ayananka Bose
Production – 14 Reels Entertainment

Mega Prince Varun Tej’s new film, Valmiki titled has been changed due to some avoidable circumstances. Renamed as Gaddalakonda Ganesh, the film has hit the screens without any delay. Let’s check what worked and what didn’t.


As the film is an official remake of Tamil hit, Jigarthanda, director Harish Shankar choose to keep the plotline same.Abhilash(Atharvaa Murali), a short filmmaker decides to make a genuine gangster drama by selecting a real rowdy. In the process, he comes across a menacing man named Gaddalakonda Ganesh(Varun Tej). Will Abhilash manages to make a film with deadly dangerous Ganesh? What kinds of difficulties will he go through in the meantime? Is there any flashback for Ganesh turning into deadly goon Gaddalakonda Ganesh? To get a clear picture you have to catch the film in the theaters near you.

What worked:

Varun Tej is the backbone of the film as he conveniently pulled off the given mass role. His dialogue delivery with Telangana accent and his makeover looks are a treat to watch on the screen. Varun proved that he can win hearts with emotional performance as his acting in flashback episodes and during climax have come out well. In one word, Varun is the USP of the film and without him, the film is surely not the one which we see now.

Tamil hero Atharvaa Murali is decent in the role and his chemistry with young starlet Mrinalini Ravi is adorable. The love track on both of them has been written and executed nicely.

Last but not least, star heroine Pooja Hegde’s crucial role in the flashback will provide glamour treat to the audience. Recreation of Elluvachi Godaramma on Varun Tej and Pooja Hegde has been canned beautifully.

What didn’t work:

Though the film is a remake, director Harish Shankar just took the soul and wrote his own scenes and screenplay for the film. But the sad part is that he only focused on the Varun Tej’s character and other things lite.

The first half and the characters introduction scenes are good in the first half, the narration looks a bit lagged after the first forty-five minutes. After the engaging interval black, everyone expects a good second half but surprisingly all the emotions showcased in the latter half look artificial.

Much-hyped Bhramaji’s character and the fun generated through his role miss comedy timing and end up as a spoof track. Adding to the above-mentioned disadvantages, the film’s runtime is yet another minus and tests the audience patience at times.

Item song Zara Zara is not that great on the screen.

Technical Crew:

Director Harish Shankar’s way of presentation is good but the defects come in with the narration part. Screenplay wise also the film is not that gripping and he would have worked more on it. A few dialogues written by him are good and enthrall megs fans. But on a whole, his director is not up to the mark.

Editing work by Chota K Prasad is disappointing as close to twenty minutes of the film can be chopped off easily. Cinematography by Ayananka Bose is top-notch and is one of the major advantages for the film.

Music by Micky J Mayer is decent as two duet songs and background score for Varun’s role are impressive. Production values by 14 Reels Plus banner are rich.


On an overview, Gaddalakonda Ganesh is a mass entertainer added with a limited fun in the first half. Varun Tej’s massy avatar and his screen presence are good but the lengthy runtime and lack of emotional connectivity dilute the film flow. But still, it is a happy one time watch for Mega fans.