Varun Tej Gaddalakonda Ganesh Re Sound Openings

Gaddhala konda Ganesh Movie Collections, Box office, Varun Tej
Gaddhala konda Ganesh Movie Collections, Box office, Varun Tej

Can’t imagine what kind of buzz any movie will have. After the hit movie like Jersey, Nani’s Gang Leader did not show the expected hype before the release. But this week, the release of Valmiki as a new title released with Gaddalakonda Ganesh, gave an unprecedented hype the day before the film’s release. There was a good boost in bookings. On the day of its release, the movie hit all the theaters in the release. In all the major cities, it is remarkable to see every theatre.

While the reviews are moderate, they have no effect on the movie collections. A big star movie on single screens has made quite a buzz. Varun Tej, who has made the most class films till now, is a mass character in the film, and its look is all-too-interesting. Harish Shankar’s commercial spices have been so crowded that the mass audience has jumped into the cinema.

The unexpected consequences of the release and the change of title in the film is a kind of sympathy for the audience. This expense also served the film publicity well. The hype from the front of the film has increased considerably. As a solo hero, it is common for Valmiki/ Gaddalakonda Ganesh to set new records beyond the scope of his previous films.

Territory            Total Share

Nizam                      1.86
Ceeded                    0.82
Vizag                       0.69
East                         0.54
West                        0.58
Krishna                    0.41
Guntur                     0.71
Nellore                     0.20

AP & TG Share: 5.81Cr