Valmiki Title changed to Gaddalakonda Ganesh Movie, Varun Tej, Harish Shankar, Valmiki Movie Review- live updates
Gaddalakonda Ganesh Movie, Varun Tej, Harish Shankar, Latest Movie News

Movie Name – Valmiki
Main Leads – Varun Tej, Pooja Hedge, Atharvaa
Music – Mickey J Meyer
Direction – Harish Shankar
Editor – Chota K Prasad
Cinematography – Ayananka Bose
Production – 14 Reels Entertainment

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Gaddalakonda Ganesh Movie Review- Watch it for Varun Tej

7:50 PM:Climax scenes are dragged a bit with a sentiment dose and end titles with two urprise appearances..

7:43 PM: Movie released and the story is shifting gears now, Emotional scenes showing Gani’s transformation currently…movie heading to climax

7:40 PM: After a few comedy scenes, finally, Atharva starts shooting for the movie with Gani as the lead, and movie opening function for the movie going on in funny way

7:35 PM: Bhramaji’s introduced as acting teacher (Muni Manikyam)brings in much needed comic relief..’

7:30 PM:Movie running on a significant note currently and feels bit long. Gani utters Charan’s Sherkhan dialogue in audition test

7:25 PM: Dimple Hayathi ‘s item song “ Zarra Zarra “ appeals to masses, followed by scenes where Gani wants to be hero in Atarva’s film

7:20 PM: Gani desires to offer up his gangster style for Sridevi, however local MLA doesn’t wish that and he becomes the explanation for separation between Sridevi and Gani.. Flashback is done now and Atarva prepares a story based on Gani’s life

7:10 PM: Feel sensible romantic scenes happening between Gani and Sridevi. moving picture is running swimmingly with a decent dose of Comedy and Romance.. Special mention: “Velluvachi Godaramma” song may be a bomb to look at out for.. good picturized…

7:00 PM: Time to showcase Gani’s romantic aspect currently. Scenes wherever Gani expresses his love for Sridevi (Pooja) came out smart…

6:55 PM:Varun meets Sridevi (Pooja Hedge), I don’t bear in mind any mass masala mainstream movie wherever heroine was introduced when the interval…

6:50 PM:Gani tells Atarva about his flashback on.. however he became a gangster and how big fan of a Sridevi..

6:45 PM:While half of Gani’s character runs on a significant note, Director created a trial to indicate Gani’s comic facet post interval. Varun’s comedy temporal order is great and movie going to peaks currently..

6:30 PM: whistle worthy one liner by Gani “Ekkuva aagam chesinodu aagam.. Story revolves around Gani’s gang members and Atharva. Screen time for Gani is a smaller amount, however director created positive his scenes build a sway

Interval Report : check out here

6:20 PM: One more smart dailogue by ganesh ” Anduke peddolu cheppindru, naugu bullet lo sampadisthe rendu karchu pettale, rendu dachukovale”…  

6:10 PM: Atarva follows Ganesh’s gang to search out Ganesh’s story. Malavika acting is sweet and scenes between her and Atarva came out rather well, followed by Gagana veedilo song..  

6:05 PM: who ought to be gaddalakonda MLA… scene came out dedicated..Background score and hero elevation excellent  

6:00 PM:Comedy by Satya is amazing. show running at a brisk pace. Atharva needs to seek out Gani’s background therefore he will create a show out of it  

5:55 PM: Giving dhamki to opposition don with good dialogue by Varun – Iyalti nunchi ela champalo kapu, ela bathakalo alochinchamanu”  

5:50 PM: First song Waka Waka is nice, Scenes with Raja ravindra area unit superb and movie is moving at a decent place with nice comedy  

5:40 PM: A new character introduced as Tupaki Raju from Gani’s gang helping Atharva now  

5:30 PM:Varun’s action as a ruthless Gangster in Gaddalakonda is awesome. His Telangana dialect and his body language is really good..  

5:20 PM:Scenes between Atharva and Mirnalini lead to super hit Gagana Veedhilo montage song between them  

5:15 PM: Varun’s intro as Gaddalakonda Ganesh (Gani) is superb.Mega fans will be thrilled with the intro dialogues by Biragi.. Sample one liner Manushulu chala dabbu sampadistharu, nenu chala bhayam sampadinchanu ”  

5:10 PM: Atharva gets introduced as Associate director as movie goes to 6 months flashback  

5:00 PM:Director decides to make a film on ‘ Gaddhalakonda Ganesh ‘ , visits his town. Hero’s elevation solo song is ordinary  

5:00 PM: An assistant director is in search of a gangster’s story to make a biopic – as his debut film as director.  

4:55 PM: Movie opens with an attack on Gaddhalakonda Ganesh ( Varun ).  

4:55 PM: Show time. Titles are done in Retro theme !  




Valmiki or Gadala konda Ganesh Preview:

Mega hero Varun Tej and talented director Harish Shankar have joined hands for the first time for a gangster drama, titled, Valmiki. Being promoted as an official remake for the acclaimed Tamil film, Jigarthanda, Valmiki promos and songs managed to impress the audience instantly and passed the first test.

Director Harish Shankar designed Varun Tej’s character in a massy manner and looks like Varun also delivered his career-best for the role. By looking at the promos it is clear that the film revolves around Varun’s character named Gaddhala Konda Ganesh. Yet another main character in the film is portrayed by Tamil young hero Atharvaa Murali and his performance is also said to be key for the film. Heroines Pooja Hegde and Tamil girl Mrinalini are impressive in the promos and so is the case with actor Brahmaji in his funny role. Overall, Harish Shankar is banking majorly on the entertainment part this time too.

On the other hand, the pre-release business for the film is also done on a satisfactory note. 14 Reels Plus banner, the makers are releasing the film with a decent table profit. With good expectations among the audience, the film is also set to hit the screens in a few hours. Hope the unit will live up to the positive buzz generated.