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Very Promising Suriya upcoming movies line-up

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Suriya, a prominent actor in Tamil and Telugu cinema, has an exciting lineup of upcoming movies that are generating a lot of buzz among his fans. One of his highly anticipated projects is “Kanguva,” directed by Siva, known for his action-packed films. This film boasts a massive budget of 300Cr, indicating the grand scale and production value audiences can expect.

The teaser for “Kanguva” has already created a good amount of hype, raising expectations even further for Suriya’s next blockbuster. Alongside “Kanguva,” Suriya is also collaborating with acclaimed director Vetrimaaran in the much-anticipated film “Vaadivaasal.” Known for his impactful storytelling, Vetrimaaran’s collaboration with Suriya promises to deliver a compelling cinematic experience.

Moreover, another exciting project in Suriya’s pipeline is “Rolex,” which will be directed by Lokesh Kanagaraj. Kanagaraj has gained widespread acclaim for his ability to blend intriguing narratives with thrilling action sequences. With this combination of talents, “Rolex” holds great promise as an engaging and entertaining film.

Suriya upcoming movie director names 2024
Suriya upcoming movie director names 2024

Additionally, fans can also look forward to seeing Suriya in Chandoo Mondeti’s upcoming project under the Geetha Arts banner. Mondeti has proven himself as a skilled storyteller and working alongside such prestigious production house raises expectations for this collaboration.

With these impressive movies lined up, it is evident that Suriya continues to choose diverse projects and collaborate with talented directors to entertain his fans with captivating stories on the big screen.

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