Vijay Master Movie Leaked Online

Vijay master movie leaked online

Master movie leaked online: Thalapathy vijay most anticipated movie Master ready to release january 13 in all versions.. As per latest update few scenes are leaked online from movie..Master director Lokesh Kanagaraj took to Twitter on Monday night to address the issue..

This is going to be big loss to entire team of vijay master movie. All team members request to dont share leaked links and screenshots to any social media.. Here is director tweet and other team members..

Lokesh Kanagaraj – Master Movie Leaked 

Dear all
It’s been a 1.5 year long struggle to bring Master to u. All we have is hope that you’ll enjoy it in theatres. If u come across leaked clips from the movie, please don’t share it 🙏🏻 Thank u all. Love u all. One more day and #Master is all yours.

XB Films production house

Team #Master requests you all not to forward/share any leaked content and if you come across anything of these sorts, please share it with us at



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