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Vimanam Telugu Movie Review

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Vimanam Telugu Movie Review & Rating: 2.5/5Starring: Samuthirakani, Rahul Ramakrishna, Anasuya Bharadwaj – Director: Siva Prasad Yanala – Music Director: Charan Arjun

Hey guys, have you heard about the new Telugu-Tamil bilingual movie called Vimanam? It stars Samuthirakani, Anasuya Bharadwaj, and Rahul Ramakrishna in lead roles and is directed by debutant Siva Prasad Yanala. The movie just hit theaters today and we’ve got a review for you.

Story: Veerayya, played by Samuthirakani, a physically challenged man who runs a community toilet complex in a Hyderabad slum. He has a son named Raju, played by Master Dhruvan, who dreams of boarding a flight. But one day, Veerayya discovers something terrible about Raju that sets off a chain of events that form the rest of the story.

Plus Points: Vimanam presents a simple yet soulful concept that really tugs at your heartstrings, especially when it comes to the bond between a father and son. Samuthirakani delivers an outstanding performance as Veerayya, portraying his character’s innocence, positive thinking, and unconditional love for his child with ease. And Master Dhruvan is equally impressive as Raju, delivering a heartfelt performance that really resonates with the audience.

But the supporting cast is just as strong. Anasuya Bharadwaj shines as Sumathi, a prostitute in the film, and despite having limited screen time, she delivers a powerful performance in her bold character. Rahul Ramakrishna, Dhanraj, and Meera Jasmine also deliver neat performances in their respective roles.

And let’s not forget about the music. The movie features a couple of captivating songs that really add to the emotional impact of the story. And the director provides a satisfying and emotionally resonant ending that will leave you in tears.

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Vimanam Telugu Movie Review

Minus Points: Vimanam is a pretty emotional movie that tells a compelling story. However, the screenplay could have been tighter to make the storytelling even better. The director, Siva Prasad Yanala, could have focused more on the screenwriting to make the movie more engaging.

Some of the characters, like Rajendran, don’t really have a purpose in the movie. The director tries to entertain the audience with comedy scenes, but they don’t really fit with the emotional theme of the film. Unfortunately, these comic moments involving Rajendran become obstacles to the overall impact of the movie.

If the director had focused more on Dhanraj and Rahul Ramakrishna, giving them more emotionally charged scenes, it could have added depth to the film and made it more engaging for the audience.

Technical Aspects: the debutant director did a pretty good job presenting a neat story. However, a tighter screenplay could have made the movie even better. The cinematography by Vivek Kalepu is exceptional, capturing the essence of the film, and Charan Arjun’s music plays a pivotal role in intensifying the emotional scenes.

The editing by Marthand K Venkatesh is satisfactory, but there is still room to trim unnecessary scenes for a better overall experience. The production values are commendable, with the film displaying richness on screen.

Verdict: Overall, Vimanam is a watchable emotional drama with a good concept and a slow-paced screenplay, which might not appeal to all viewers. Samuthirakani and Master Dhruvan deliver stellar performances, and their emotional scenes form the heart of the film. If you’re okay with a slower narration and a few unnecessary scenes, you can watch this film this weekend.

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