Vishwak Sen HIT Movie USA Live Updates, Review Rating

Nani Vishwak Sen HIT Telugu Movie USA Premiere Live Updates
Nani Vishwak Sen HIT Telugu Movie USA Premiere Live Updates

Vishwak Sen HIT Movie USA Premiere Show Live Updates at 4.30 A.M IST/5 PM CST. Please Stay Tuned to

Vishwak Sen HIT Telugu Movie Review Rating


6:53 AM: The film concluded on a good note. Keep watching the space for the complete review..

6:50 AM: As the film is heading towards climax, one more twist revealed

6:44 AM: Hero finds yet another clue. Some tensed scenes are on now.. following the clue and the proceedings lead to a fight between Viswak and a suspent

6:32 AM: More suspense scenes are going on..

6:25 AM: Striking suspense scenes are going on. Hero gets more clues regarding the case..

6:10 AM: With twits and turns, the film proceedings are going on in an impactful manner

6:05 AM: Interrogation scenes are going on..

6:00 AM: Back to present, hero gets a clue regarding the case. Investigation is going on..

5:50 AM: Movie started. Viswak’s past in being showcased now as a brief glimpse..

First Half Smart Review: Till now, the film is brilliant with some new kinds of thrills in the investigation case. Sounding and setup are intriguing too.

5:38 AM: Hero fainted due to a panic attack. Intermission!!!

5:33 AM: Hero is behind a suspect. The proceedings lead to a huge conflict with a drug dealers gang..

5:25 AM: Actress Hari Priya in a special appearance. She is seen as Preethi’s neighbours. Investigation is going on

5:20 AM: Brisk pace proceedings added with intense scenes are underway..

5:15 AM: Viswaksen is finding if there is any connection between both the missing cases. A few arresting seat on edge scenes are going on.

5:10 AM: Her missing case investigation is going on. Parallelly, Vishwaksen is investigating on heroine missing case too with a gripping narration..

5:03 AM: As seen in promos, a girl’s car broke down on Hyderabad Outer Ring Road. Murali Sharma notices it and asks if she want any help. The entire episode is filled with suspense…

4:58 AM: Bhanuchander has been introduced as the police boss. A few crucial scenes are on now

4:55 AM: Actor Brahmaji and heroine Ruhani Sharma make an entry as police officers. A crime investigation is going on.

4:50 AM: Intriguing sneak peek episode is going on

4:40 AM: Movie started with Viswaksen’s therapy session. He is suffering from panic attacks problem..


Vishwak Sen is now coming with an fascinating idea movie Hit. The movie is directed by a debutant Sailesh Kolanu. Hit carries a good buzz among the many viewers, and Nani who all the time tries to introduce new expertise to Tollywood, is bankrolling this project under his Wall Poster Cinemas banner..