VV Vinayak’s Seenayya is ready to roll

VV Vinayak's Seenayya is ready to roll
VV Vinayak's Seenayya is ready to roll

Sometime back producer Dil Raju announced that he is going to launch director VV Vinayak as an actor and shocked everyone. Keeping up the promise, a film titled, Seenayya in the combination of Dil Raju and Vinayak was formally launched a few months ago. Critically acclaimed director Narasimha Nandi is the director for the film. But the film never went on floors thereafter due to small cliches in the script.

Now, the latest news is that director Narasimha Nandi has written a fresh version of the script that is very much liked by Dil Raju and Vinayak. As per the reports from our sources, the film will go on floors from 27th of this month in Hyderabad.

Will the film gives a break to director Vinayak as an actor? Is to be seen.

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