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WAR 2: Hrithik vs NTR – A Thrilling Showdown Unveiled!

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NTR has been officially announced as the villain in War 2. After his success in the global blockbuster RRR, NTR agreed to star in War 2, the upcoming film in the YRF Spy Universe. While there were many rumors about NTR’s role, it’s now confirmed with the release of Tiger 3.

Tiger 3, starring Salman Khan, premiered worldwide today. In the post-credits scene, Hrithik Roshan makes a cameo, setting the stage for War 2. Ashutosh Rana’s voice, a key character in the Spy Universe, introduces NTR’s character without mentioning his name, creating a lot of excitement.

The dialogues reveal that the Indian Country faces an enemy only Kabir (Hrithik) can confront, hinting at NTR’s menacing role. Described as a dangerous and evil figure without a name or face in a dark world, Kabir must cross emotional barriers to face him, promising intense suspense.

Previously, fans expected NTR to play a lead hero role, but the Tiger 3 introduction suggests he will portray the villain. The YRF team’s approach to showcasing him in War 2 has fans eagerly anticipating how this Spy Series unfolds.