when Nani V movie will be release ?

when Nani V movie will be release

Telangana CM KCR suggested that the lockdown should be extended for another two weeks and it is clear that the lockdown is likely to continue throughout the month. This ensured that the film industry closed in April. Nani starrer V movie is ready for release before the lockdowns start.

However, in the wake of the situation, V has been postponed. The lock is down but there is no chance of releasing the V. In the US, movies are no longer released. This means that if the lock is lifted in India, Dil Raju will have to release the film after leaving overseas rights.

There is no belief that a large number of people will come to the theater even now. Nani’s cinema range is big compared to the rest of the other hero films. The rest of the producers can take some risk but Dil Raju is not in a position to make a hasty decision on V movie. lets wait and see official news..