World Famous Lover Review and US Premiere Live Updates

World Famous Lover Review and US Premiere Live Updates
World Famous Lover Review and US Premiere Live Updates

Movie: World Famous Lover telugu Review Rating and US Premiere Live Updates

“వరల్డ్ ఫేమస్ లవర్” రివ్యూ & రేటింగ్!


Final note:

The film has good performances by the lead artists but more than romance director focused on the argument romance that fails to attract the audience

7:16 AM: Movie wrapped up on a highly emotional note..Keep watching the space for the complete review

7:14 AM: Movie marching towards emotional climax..

7:10 AM: Vijay turns into a big book writer..

7:00 AM: Movie moves 2 years ahead, Gautham is Yamini’s hangover..

6:55 AM: Emotional scenes going on between Raashi and Vijay..

6:50 AM: Back to the present scenario, Manakadha story is on now..

6:45 AM: Gautham has to sacrifice his love for some unavailable reasons…scenes related to it are going on ..

6:40 AM:After a few bike chase scenes, now a small twist in the tale

6:34 AM: My Love song is on between Gautham and Izabelle in Paris..

6:24 AM: Now, the movie shifts to Paris as an alternate storyline. Izabelle Leite maks an entry as an air hostess..

6:20 AM: As a break to the Gautham and Yamini’s thrwad, the film now lands in Paris. An alternative story..

6:10 AM: Post-interval Gautham-Yamini’s flashback love story is on in the college backdrop..

First Half Report: Till now, the film is below par coated with nice performance by the lead artists. Aishwarya Rajesh’s emotional character is nice. we need to wait and see how the second half turns to…

5:58 AM: The film now comes to break point. Intermission!!!

5:55 AM: Emotional acting by Aishwarya is good in a crucial scene. Now, tbe film again shifts to Gautham-Yamini’s track

5:44 AM: Raletti- a sad montage on Aishwarya after she comes to know about Seenayya and Smitha’s relationship is on now

5:35 AM: Family scenes of Aishwarya and Seenayya are on with a parallel thread of Seenayya and Catherine..

5:27 AM: Actor Shatru as Seenayya’s rival in the union. A few scenes related to it are on now..

5:22 AM: Shatru is showcased as Vijay’s rival. Some funny scenes involving Vijay and Catherine going on

5:18 AM: The proceedings lead to Boggu Ganilo song. A song picturized in the coal mine area

5:13 AM: Catherine Tresa has been introduced as a welfare officer in the Coal mine region. Friendship is on between Seenayya and Smitha (Catherine)

5:05 AM: Chapter 2: Seenayy’s story set in Yellandu area in Telangana is on now. Aishwarya Rajesh has been introduced as his wife

4:55AM: A war of words between the pair leads to breakup. Time for Priyadarshi’s introduction as Gautham’s friend

4:50AM:A few hard-hitting emotional scenes are going on between the pair

4:45AM: Both Gautham and Yamini are unhappy in their relationship. Scenes related to it are on now

4:40AM: Movie takes off with the story of Gautham (Vijay) and Yamini (Raashi Khanna)

Release Date: 14/02/2020
Rating: 14/02/2020
Cast: Vijay Devarakonda, Raashi Khanna, Aishwarya Rajesh, Catherine Tresa and Izabelle Leite
Director: Kranthi Madhav
Music director: Gopi Sundar
Producer: K. S. Rama Rao

World Famous Lover Movie Preview:

Hero Vijay Deverakond’s romantic drama, World Famous Lover is all set to hit the screens in a few hours. Directed by Kranthi Madhav, the film’s US shows will start at 4:30 Am (IST)

When the project was announced in the combination of Vijay and Kranthi Madhav many raised eyebrows as they both are poles apart. But somehow Kranthi managed to bring the intense look in Vijay with the first look poster. But sadly, the posters got negative feedback from the audience as it is filled with Arjun Reddy flavor. Meanwhile, a couple of days back, the makers have unveiled the film’s trailer which also got a mixed response from the audience. On the other hand, the audio album by Gopi Sundar is below-par as one of the songs registered with the music lovers.

Despite all the above-mentioned demerits, only Vijay’s craze among the youth is saving grace for the film and is expected to open good at the box office. If the film clicks, it has scope to emerge as a decent hit (Considering the dry season) but will it impress for sure? Is a big question mark.

Four beautiful ladies, Aishwarya Rajesh, Raashi Khanna, Catherine Tresa and Izabelle Leite are the female leads in World Famous Lover. Senior producer KS Rama Rao bankrolled the project.

World Famous Lover Movie Trailer: